Client Collaboration

10 Strategies for Improving Client Collaboration

Tackling various initiatives such as the design and implementation of IT systems for companies often requires the assistance of a diverse team of specialists. Thanks to advancements in information technology, these teams can now convene quickly to meet any urgent needs. These teams often consist of people with high skill […]

5 Time Management Tips Your Contractors Should Be Utilizing

Every minute counts and more so for contractors. If you’re a project manager you know the constant pressure of deadlines. Your contractors feel the same way too. If tasks aren’t completed on time, there’s little hope of delivering the project within budget and to a happy customer. The Rise of […]

Managing Your Customer Expectations – What You Shouldn’t Be Doing

The current business environment is highly competitive. In a globalized marketplace it is becoming even more important to meet and exceed customer expectations. However, this is easier said than done.  Customers today are spoilt for choice and if you don’t know their expectations they will quickly turn to the competition. […]

Online Business

9 Tools You Need to Create an Awesome Online Business

Many people start online businesses for the freedom of having a business they can run from anywhere in the world. However, many have the misconception that online businesses require little input. Although running an online business requires less input upfront than the traditional stone and mortar business, it takes a […]

7 Tips for Creating an Online Business Portfolio

Today, there are people with money and there are investors. Rather than use their money for their own pleasure, investors use their money to increase their wealth. They use what they have to acquire things that will give them a profitable return. If you want to be a successful investor […]

How Your Online Business Can Benefit From a Straw man

The ‘straw man’ is a useful strategy to help drive projects. This may sound like a controversial statement. If you’re familiar with the straw man in the Wizard of Oz, you know that he was a brainless. Many people use the term straw man as an analogy when referring to […]