Why Communication Can Be the Key to Your Project Success

To many project managers today, communication is regarded as something that ‘just happens’ in projects. It is not actively planned for. However, good communication is central to the success of any project. What Poor Communication is Costing You The Project Management Institute (PMI) carried out research on the importance of […]

How to Manage Differing Personality Types

When working with a team, you’ll come across different personalities. Even the two people who exhibit quiet attributes aren’t necessarily the same. The different personalities and temperaments that make your team could result in conflict in the team. However, learning to appreciate and properly manage differing personalities can help to […]

Why You Should Outsource Project Management Admin Tasks

Outsourcing is  the practice of a company using an outside firm or contractor to handle work that would otherwise have been performed within the company. This is becoming a familiar concept, especially with small companies that routinely outsource many of their processes to firms or contractors. Changing Business Models Hiring […]

Can a Project Manager be Typecast?

You worked on the project and it was a success. You gave your blood, sweat and tears and it actually paid off. You are now known as the go to person when it comes to handling these niche projects. While it was great riding the high and getting even more […]

What is PMP Certification and Do You Need It?

If you are a project manager you will concur that rising through the ranks is a daunting task. Indeed, taking the next step in your career in project management is harder than in other professions. Nevertheless, things are looking up because research shows that certification in any discipline is a […]

7 Tools You Need to Be a Successful Project Manager

Every successful project manager appreciates the importance of deploying knowledge, skills and tools to meet his/her objectives. Of these invaluable ingredients in project management, tools are mostly overlooked and this is one of the major pitfalls for project managers.  There is no gainsaying the fact that there are myriad PM […]

How Keeping Your Project On Track Can Save Your Bacon

Every project starts with a clear set of objectives and a deadline within which to achieve them. Nevertheless, sticking to the schedule has its own challenges and as a project manager the buck stops with you when things go off track.  A report by Standish Group says less than a […]

Top 10 Project Management Apps for 2016

Project management has greatly been transformed by the latest developments in technology. As a project leader in the contemporary society you have to manage teams in different countries with varying time zones. To do so, technology greatly helps in communication and collaboration. With mobile teams you need to get creative […]

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7 Synergies That Project Management and Marketing Should Have

Marketing and project management have for a long time been seen as divergent paths in a company’s journey success. However, this has greatly contributed to poor marketing techniques. In fact, one of the most notable figures in the marketing world, Jim Stengel, speaking at an AAAA media conference said that […]

How to Promote Growth When Resources are Tight

Since the 2007/2008 global recession things have been getting harder for many entrepreneurs. This is more so for small enterprises which have to contend with emerging competition accompanied by more stringent lending practices. Already the World Bank has revised its global economic forecast for 2016 again indicating things will get […]