The Importance of Understanding Personalities for Project Managers

There are several things that differentiate people and personality is one of them. Working together with other people in a team entails interactions and coping with different personalities, but it is in leading such a team that the true value of understanding different personalities can be appreciated. Personality in people […]

How to Setup Metrics to Tell if Your Team Needs Changes

When measuring performance, it is best to focus on the big picture. You want to have a clear cut formula to correctly assess and precisely identify where change is necessary for improvement. To do so you’ll need to setup mechanisms that can measure, track and gauge every aspect of your […]

How to Setup Reporting For Long-Term Projects

Nothing shows a client your full commitment to their work like timely and periodical reports showing the progress of a project. Long-term projects require more reporting and documentation showing their progress owing to the length of time they consume, sometimes running into months and even years. Short and mid-term projects […]

How to Break Long-Term Projects Down into Small Tasks

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step, and then another and another until before you know it; you are already inside your car, driving to the airport, getting onto the plane and flying to your ‘thousand miles’ destination. That’s how something big can be accomplished easily […]

The 5 Biggest Time Wasters for Project Managers

Time is a resource that no project manager can afford to waste. Managing a project is hard work, even for the projects that appear simple. This is because it often calls for a precise balance between the amount of work required and the available resources for it; time being part […]

How to Send Better Follow up Emails after Conference Calls

Sending follow up emails after conference calls is a natural step that comes with such meetings. It is a process that is aimed at furthering the agendas of that conference meeting and the things that were discussed. Follow-ups may be a mundane task, but that should not mean that the […]

How to Take Better Notes from Conference Calls

Conference calls are wonderful for remote working and collaboration. They bridge a gap brought on by huge geographical and time bounds; bringing people physically apart into a common and active meeting environment. Conference calls, just like other forms of meetings, would necessitate note taking for the purposes of keeping track […]

Why it’s Important to Take Emotion out of Projects

Being able to experience and express emotions is a natural human ability that we all have. Emotions are a state of mind and feeling that follow an instinctive response to a myriad of issues that affect as. They often result in psychological and physical changes that inherently influence human behavior. […]