7 Tips for Selling Your Website

The website and domain name market is abuzz and if you have been following the trends more businesses are opting for functional websites instead of building a website from bottom up. The website sales market is heating up with IBIS World reporting it is growing by close to 2.8% annually. […]

How to Project Manage Labor Management Hostility

The current fast-paced global business environment has forced companies to come up with more innovative ways to survive. One area that has received a lot of focus is of course manpower efficiency. The hitherto popular hierarchical structures are gradually giving way to teams as every business seeks to increase productivity. […]

What You Need To Know About Buying a Website

There is one thing that cannot be overemphasized in modern business, which is the need for a professionally designed website. While directories were the in-thing a few decades back, your website today speaks a lot about your business. This is your business address in a world that is becoming more […]

10 Tips for First-Time Project Managers

When it comes to first time project management, you have to appreciate that there are momentous challenges ahead of you. From project definition to problem solving, the path ahead is anything but smooth. According to a report by Jessica, E and Elizabeth, M et al the toughest stages in your […]

How to know if a Team Member is falling behind on Tasks

A national survey by Paul Osterman, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Economist, highlights the indispensable place of teams in modern day business operations. Most organizations are now using teams to complete projects as opposed to the traditional organizational model. According to the study, companies who use teams are 30% […]