How to Handle Team Members That Don’t Like Each Other

One of the toughest tasks in project management is by far handling conflicts among team members. This is because for success of a project of any magnitude, staff cohesion is an integral factor. When members don’t like each other it is your role as a project leader to foster unity […]

10 Tips for Creating More Effective Calendars

Regardless of the kind of project you are handling, your calendar will always have a huge impact on how well – or not so well, you run and conclude the project. The fact that a calendar is important in project management is never in question. Rather, what’s in question is […]

Why It’s Important to Hire People with Good Writing Skills

Communication skills are important for everyone, but this is much truer for a project manager. Whether you’re dealing with a team, clients, service providers or sponsors, much of a project manager and his team’s work rely on communication. Considering this, it’s not only necessary for you as a project manager […]

10 Tips for Dealing with a Remote Team and Different Time Zones

The age of globalization has brought with it incredible benefits especially in project management. Today you can comfortably run your remote database administration business from Nederland, Colorado while you have remote employees in Hong Kong, Philippines and India. With internet connectivity and other supporting technology, dealing with a remote team […]

10 Traits of Successful Project Managers

The definition of project management as stipulated by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) belies the overwhelming task that an effective manager faces. According to IPMA project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a specific project’s objectives. At a glance it sounds like […]