How to Find the Best Remote Team for Your Business

There is nothing more valuable to a manager, director or business owner than a good, efficient and reliable workforce. Everyone looks to hire people who are going to be part of a team that will add value to the business and help it achieve its objectives. As the manager, you […]

How to Build a Loyal Team

Loyalty is important and more so where teamwork is necessary. The strong feelings of allegiance or support towards another being or a cause can be worth more than what money can buy. It is one thing to have well skilled and competent employees whose performance at work is beyond reproach, […]

5 Secrets for Getting Clients to Pay You on Time

It’s a common problem where clients fail to pay on time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This problem ranges from mild, where clients get late by just a few days, to serious situations, where they take weeks and even months just to clear up an invoice. The […]

How to Create a Procedure to Delegate a Task

Delegating tasks is one of the good practices of a competent manager or leader. Unlike common belief, delegation of duties is never a sign of incompetence or weakness. It is an act of leadership and trust, and is very effective in achieving success. However that is only possible when it […]

5 Things Your Remote Team Wish You Would Do For Them

A remote team is nothing like your normal office setup, but as a remote team manger, I’m sure you are already aware of that fact by now. Offices are slowly accepting the possibilities that soon they are going to be obsolete in both purpose and relevance, as they give way to […]

How to Get Clients to Respond Sooner

It is unrealistic to expect immediate responses from every client, even though it would be nice if they did. Things would flow by much smoother if every time you send out requests, offers, questions or other forms of correspondence to your clients/prospective clients, they all responded in a timely manner. […]


How to Properly Provide Your Team with Feedback

As a project manager, you know that no project can go without feedback despite the fact that you probably cringe at this, not so auspicious, ceremony just as much as the team does. Well, you don’t have to feel like that and it doesn’t have to be that way. Feedback […]