Aspirin for Your Project Headaches
Online project management and time tracking for creative teams

Juggling multiple projects, clients, and team members can feel like a disaster waiting to happen.

You know that just one forgotten deadline, lost file, or missed email can damage your relationships with clients and cost you business.

ClientSpot organizes all your projects, clients, deadlines, and time tracking into one simple system so that nothing slips through the cracks. And that means fewer headaches for you and your team.

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Track tasks and time
See where your time goes with our automatic timer. Report by project, client, or person.
Share files and calendars
Create online documents and revisions. Share calendar of project and task deadlines.
Collaborate on projects
See who's doing what and when across all your clients, projects and team members.
Track conversations
Collaborate by email or directly in the system - ClientSpot keeps it all together.
Manage client data
Keep existing lists of sales leads, contacts, and more in one place.
Client Feedback
A huge timesaver, ClientSpot is saving my life! I bill more hours and feel less stress.
I really like my clients having access to ClientSpot — and so do they.
ClientSpot is just what I need to manage the expansion of my business.