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Another review of ClientSpot

April 12, 2008

Rosanna Tussey, Virtual Assistant and owner of, did a nice writeup of ClientSpot on her blog at The Virtual Assistant Connection.

From the review:

“If you have ever tried to manage all of your pans in the fire with a generic project management program, you may have been left with a number of work-arounds that you had to create in order to make it work for you. Not very efficient, is it? Especially when efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to being a successful VA.

ClientSpot is different because it was developed specifically with Virtual Assistants and freelancers in mind. It allows you to handle multiple remote clients effectively, not to mention almost effortlessly. In addition, it provides great value to your clients by providing them with a single place to assign tasks, upload and download files, discuss projects, and monitor progress.”

We appreciate the feedback, and we’ll keep striving to make ClientSpot even more useful, time saving, and stress-relieving, while staying out of your way.