7 Fundamental Basics of Project Management

As a project manager, you’re in charge of the project. You’re basically the boss. This comes with many responsibilities and can be quite exciting. However, it can also be quite overwhelming. If you make a poor decision that others in the team go along with simply because you’re in charge, […]

Buying an Internet Business – How to Close a Winning Deal

Have you always dreamed of owning a business? You don’t have to have a traditional brick-and-mortar location in order to have a successful business. You can have a successful business that is entirely online. The Growth of Internet Businesses The Internet has had a big impact on how we communicate […]

Remote Team Guide – How to Find the Best Team for Your Project

Remote teams are the future. However, many managers still fear using remote teams since the workers aren’t under their watchful eye. The book Remote: Office Not Required shows that just because employees are coming to work, doesn’t mean that they are more productive. A study on the headquarters of J.C. […]

Top Digital Conferences to Attend in 2016

The year is already well underway into the first quarter and if you are an IT project manager there is obviously a full tray on your desk. The projects conceptualized at the beginning of the year are taking shape and you have to contend with expected logistical issues, team differences, […]

7 Scheduling Tools That are Great for Projects

When you set out on a journey, whether long or short, you need a map or a system of navigation to help you get to your destination. Starting on a project without scheduling is essentially the same as starting out on a journey without a map. You won’t know where […]

How To Keep Your Team Motivated To Achieve Success

There are times when waterfall diagrams, Gantt charts and other figures aren’t enough to advance your team to the finish line. Many managers make the mistake of thinking that proper execution, technical skills and the availability of resources are the most important factors for achieving project success. When their projects […]