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ClientSpot product update

March 10, 2008

We’ve just completed some product updates that are now available.  Here’s a rundown:

Start/Stop task timer function
– New popup task timer that is available from anywhere in the application (see the new link in the upper right corner of the view)
– Shows all your tasks across projects making it easy to switch tasks, and start or stop work with one click
– Edit the time entry for a task
– Autosaves periodically to the server so that time isn’t lost if you accidentally logout or close your browser

Private comments and tasks
 – Can now mark comments or tasks as private so that only your team can see them (and clients cannot).
– Comments now also preserve your paragraph formatting, and automatically make hyperlinks from your URLs.

Retainer tracking
 – You can now specify that a client is a retainer client, along with the number of hours
– Retainer hours can be set to expire on a fixed date
– A new client summary report on the Time tab shows hours worked and remaining retainer hours for each client.  Report is available to clients as well (showing just their totals and remaining hours).

We hope you like the new features!