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Email integration and project dropboxes

November 23, 2009

ClientSpot now plays nicely with email.

Reply to comments by email
You can now reply to comment notification emails, and those replies will be added to the project. The only restrictions are that the reply has to be a plain text email (versus an HTML email). The system can also handle replies that have mixed content (combination of HTML and text), but only the text portion will be used.

Create new comments or tasks by email
You can also create new comments and tasks for a project using a special project dropbox. Administrators can get the project dropbox address from the Edit Project view.

To create a task, send an email with a subject starting with ‘@task’ followed by the task name. Your email message can include task notes. If you address the email to a valid person in your ClientSpot account, the system will try to assign the task to that person as well.

Both features currently require the sender’s address to be a valid ClientSpot user for your account.