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Import project tasks from CSV files

January 06, 2013

Import tasks from comma separated value (CSV) formatted files, such as Excel spreadsheets, or exports from other systems.

Import Tasks into a Project
You can now import tasks into a ClientSpot Project from a spreadsheet (CSV). This can include the task name, person, date due, budgeted hours, and a description.

Your CSV file needs a first row of column names, which need to match one or more of these columns: “TASK”, “DESCRIPTION”, “BUDGET”, “PERSON”, or “DATE”. Only “TASK” is required, and you can have other data in the CSV, it will just be ignored.

The import will ignore bad data, and use reasonable defaults for everything else. The import features shows it’s status so you can see what worked, and where there were any problems in the file.

This feature is available only to account administrators from the Project detail page.