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Import time entries from other systems and more

September 06, 2012

Announcing some new enhancements now available in ClientSpot.

Import Time Entries
You can now import time entries into a Project from a spreadsheet (CSV) or other 3rd party tracking system. This can include the task name, person, date entered, number of hours and optionally a description. This feature is available to account administrators from the Project detail page.

Streamlined Task Entry
You can now add tasks for more than one project at a time using the new Quick Task Add feature. Available from the Tasks tab, this feature makes it simple to quickly add a new task for any project without switching screens or trying to locate the project.

Task Comment Notifications
You can now choose a specific group of people to receive a task comment notification when it’s first added. This is similar to a feature that’s been available for project level comments. The new checkbox to “Notify specific people” in on the Task Detail page when adding a task comment.