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MyClientSpot SSL Certificate and Google Chrome

April 23, 2015

If you are a Chrome user you may notice that some sites (including your ClientSpot portals) are showing warnings for the https part of the url.

What’s happening can be explained here in full:

In brief there is an encryption method which is being phased out called “SHA1” and will become defunct come 2016/2017.

Google have decided that the Chrome browser will already start to display sites which have certificates that are using SHA1 with the redline. Currently they are the only browser to do so.


The only issue with our current certificate is that it is using a SHA1 certificate which is due to expire in April 2017 after the deadline (hence the red line) and Google have decided to make the push to get sites and certificate providers to update to the new SHA256 method ahead of the 2016/2017 deadline.

We will be updating the certificate sooner rather than waiting for the deadline as Chrome showing the red line in the https is confusing to customers who will believe that they are no longer secure.