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Staying under budget has never been easier

December 15, 2009

ClientSpot now makes it easier for you and your team to stay under budget, and make projects more profitable.

Set Project Budgets
You can now set budgets (in hours) for projects. As you track time against projects, the main project list now shows you the total time logged and the budget you set, along with a little graph that show project health – green for safely within budget, yellow when you’re approaching the limit, and red if you go over. You can also see percent complete and time remaining by hovering over the graph.

Set Task Budgets
You can also set budgets at the task level – this can especially useful when working with subcontractors who are just doing a few items for the project.

You can see task time totals and whether they are over budget from the main project screen (over budget tasks show their time in red).

You can also use the main Task List view (click View Task List from the Projects tab) to show budget information with totals across all tasks, or filter by person or client. Excel exports also now include the budget information from this view.

Track Time against Budgets
The Task Timer also supports task-level budgets by showing the total time logged for a selected task (in addition to time logged for the selected day), and time remaining for that task (if set).