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Project milestones and task duplication now supported

June 05, 2012

Need to track different groups of project tasks as rolled up summaries? Or maybe you just don’t want to show individual task dates on the calendar? The new Milestone feature in ClientSpot might be just the thing for you. For more on this and some other recent changes, keep reading!

Project Milestones
You can now create one or more Milestones under a Project. A milestone can have a name, due date, and a person responsible. You can also link one or more project tasks to a milestone, and track progress (total actual hours versus budgeted hours for all subtasks).

To start using milestones, create a new project, or enable milestones on an existing project using the new Project Options control, now available to administrators on the Project detail page.

Project Options
We’ve also made the major project items (Milestones, Tasks, Comments, Files) more flexible, so you can now show or hide any of these on a per-project basis. Some projects don’t need comments or files, while others may be too simple for milestones. Now you can keep things simple with the new Project Options control that lets account administrators turn these features on or off.

Duplicate Tasks
For customers with a lot of repetitive tasks, we’ve also added the ability to Duplicate any existing task, and to copy it under any valid project. You can also make the duplicate task recurring.

Recurring Tasks improvements
And speaking of recurring tasks, we’ve added a new option to allow creating recurring tasks on the same day each month. This supports use cases like “first Wednesday of the month”.

We hope you find the new features useful, and please let us know how they work out for you.