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Schedule team members more easily

December 08, 2011

A unique challenge for distributed or virtual teams is that they’re often not all on fixed schedules. Calendars can help, but the problem isn’t so much knowing exactly when someone is available as how much time they have.

So we’ve introduced some new features to make finding out team member availability a snap. This can be used for scheduling new tasks or projects based on who’s available to work on them, and how much time they have, say, over the next week or so.

Set My Availability
You can now set your own availability, which means how many hours you’re available for each upcoming day.

Just click once for each day the number of hours you’re free, or click “N/A” to show that you don’t have free time for that day. You can set your availability as far out into the future as you want, and of course can change it at any time once you know more about your schedule.

setting your availability on the schedule

Show Team Availability
You can now see who’s available on your team in one simple view.

See at a glance how many hours each team member has available in the upcoming days.

viewing team member availability

Let us know what you think about these new additions, and what else you might need for better scheduling and workload management.