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ClientSpot Updates: Email reminders and more

August 10, 2008

A few new product updates for ClientSpot were recently released:

Email Reminders – (Basic plans and higher) You can now configure email reminders to be sent within 48 hours of a project or task deadline. Reminders can be configured on a per-client basis, so you can use this feature to send automatic reminders to your clients, subcontractors, or anyone else who needs to receive them.

To configure reminders, edit the client company and see the last couple of options under Email Notifications.

Enhanced Email Notification Options – (All plans) We’ve made email notifications more configurable for better control over what gets sent and when. You can decide for each client (and your own company) whether to send notifications when comments or files are added (as well as task and project updates). Administrators can also be copied on all notifications. From the “People” tab in your account, just edit a company to see the new notification options (as well as Reminder options for paid plans).

Add Notes for People in your Account – (All plans) You can now enter notes for any person in your account to list skills, pay rates, etc. for your subcontractors.

We hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, we welcome your feedback!