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September product updates

September 03, 2008

Fresh from the oven, some new product updates for ClientSpot (all now available):

Search across all your projects – you can now search within tasks, comments, and file names across all your projects, even archived ones.  From the Overview page, click the Search link on the right side of the page under Quick Links.

Reply to comments – you can now add replies to comments to keep a conversation grouped together.  Click the new Post Reply link at the bottom of a comment to view all replies and to add a new one.

User disabling – you can now disable a user from logging into the system without deleting their information.  Edit the person, and click the new Disable link above the edit form.  You can also re-enable a user in the same way.  Disabled users will not count towards your plan user limits.

Affiliate program – OK, this isn’t a product update, but we recently launched a new affiliate program as a way of saying thanks to our ClientSpot customers for helping us spread the word.  You can earn cash for each client or colleague that you refer who purchases a ClientSpot subscription.   Apply now here: