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December Product Updates

December 09, 2008

Just in time for the holidays, some product updates for ClientSpot (all now available). One biggie, and an assortment of stocking stuffers that we hope you find useful.

New Database Support
Track and share lists of information, including:
Contact lists for your company (or for each of your clients separately)
Sales lead data to track progress through the sales cycle
– Lists of important links your team or clients commonly use
Expenses by date and category for each client

Detailed Database Features
Import from Excel or Word tables to get started quickly.
Create databases from one of our templates for common uses
Limit access to specific users, and whether they can modify or view data
Advanced search function and support for saved searches for quick access
Customizable fields to support any information you or your clients need
Can export databases to Excel for full portability

New Recent Comments Display on Overview Page
See the most recent comments or replies across all projects on the Overview page
Click on a comment to view the detailed message or to add a reply.

Better Support for Editing Time Entries
Edit time entries (after adding them) in two new ways:

From the Time tab, click the “Show detailed tracking” to enable editing of time entries (administrators can edit any entry, other users can only edit their own entries)

From the Project Edit page, click the “Time” link for a specific task, then the “View/Edit Time Entries” link to see the detailed time log for that task and edit entries.

Printable Time Report
Added a printable view for time reports for better printing from the browser

Export Tasks to Excel
Administrators can now export all project task data to Excel

From the Projects tab, click “View Task List” to show the cross-project task list. Then export task data by client or for all clients by clicking “Export to Excel”

New Default Theme
We’ve updated the default theme to use softer colors. You can still use the original ClientSpot theme by picking “ClientSpot Classic” in your account settings.