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Improved email integration, QuickBooks support

April 11, 2010

A few recent product updates include support for email file attachments, editable file descriptions, task timer enhancements, and improved QuickBooks integration.

File Attachment Support in Email Integration
ClientSpot can now read and import email file attachments from dropbox emails and comment replies. Files can now be attached to new comment or task emails sent to the project dropbox, or to email replies to comment notifications. ClientSpot puts these files into the appropriate project under an “#Email Attachments” folder.

Editable File Descriptions
You can now optionally add a short descriptions when uploading a file. You can also edit the description for any existing file by hovering over the file name (a popup menu will appear with the option to edit the description). File descriptions can help you better track the purpose and status of files without having to rename the file.

Task Timer Description
The Task Timer now lets you directly enter a description when you select a task to work on. The description is used for the time entry when you click “Start” for the task. You can see time entry descriptions from the main Time report by clicking the “Show detailed entries” checkbox.

Improved QuickBooks Integration
ClientSpot now gives the option of exporting Tasks as QuickBooks Items or as QuickBooks Notes (previously exported Tasks as Items). For generic tasks (e.g. Consulting), Items are probably the best fit, since they can carry billing rates, etc. For more specific tasks, Notes are a better fit, and you can also specifiy a default QuickBooks item to map to your tasks. ClientSpot and QuickBooks users who also use QuickBooks can now more easily export time entries for invoicing and billing.