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Project categories for improved workflow management

July 17, 2010

ClientSpot now supports customizable categories for your projects.

In a nutshell, you can define categories to group projects by a certain type (like Web Development, Graphic Design, Marketing), or by a certain phase of it’s lifecycle (like Proposal, Approved, Phase 1, Phase 2, etc). This can help with focusing on just certain projects, such as ones that need followup to get approved, or those with certain billing requirements.

Getting started with categories is simple – you can create them for use with any existing project or new projects, and the categories you create are available for use in any project in your account. Read on for details.

Creating and Editing Categories
To create categories, just add or edit any project, and you’ll see a new Category field. As an Administrator user, you will see a link next to that field called “Edit categories”. Click that link to show the Category Editor popup. From here you can add a new category with a click. You can also rename existing categories, or remove unused categories easily. Note that you can’t remove a category that’s being used by a project (you’ll get a warning when you try to do this).

Filtering Projects by Category
Once you’ve got your projects assigned to categories, you can now filter them from the main Projects tab. There are two new options from the Project List page – filtering the list by Category, and sorting the list by category.

To filter, choose a category name from the dropdown menu. This will show only projects in that category on the list page. You can also filter by “any” or “none” as the category, to show all projects, or only those without a category assigned.

You can also sort the project list by category – just choose Category from the “Sort by” dropdown menu to see projects sorted by the category, then due date.