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Task Dependencies for Flexible Scheduling

August 17, 2010

ClientSpot now supports simple task dependencies so you can change the date of one task, and have the ones following it automatically adjust.

Using Task Dependencies
You don’t need to explicitly define any relationships between tasks. Instead, once you’ve assigned a due date for a task, when you go back later to change it, a new option will appear that lets you choose to:

1. Adjust all task dates following the one you’re editing
2. Skip weekend days when adjusting task dates

Tasks that have already been completed, or tasks without due dates won’t be affected by this.

The adjustment works by keeping the same number of days between your later tasks and earlier ones. If you choose to skip weekends, the adjustment works by only counting “business days” (non-weekend days).

You can adjust dates forward or backwards with the same effect, though you’ll most likely adjust dates forward in time.

Project Templates and Task Dependencies
When used in conjunction with project templates (the Duplicate Project option from the project edit page), you can now create pre-defined task lists that have a fixed number of days in between each.

When you duplicate the project template, those same dates will initially be set for tasks in the copy of the project, but you can then change the due date for the first task to shift all the following dates as well.