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Recurring Tasks and Private Folders now available

October 13, 2010

Two frequently requested product updates are now available in ClientSpot, including support for recurring tasks, and the ability to have private folders that your team can see, but your clients can’t.

Recurring Tasks
There is now a new checkbox in the “Add Task” screen that lets you make a task recurring. You can choose a frequency (daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly), and the number of recurrences (up to 30).

ClientSpot will create a set of recurrences of the task starting from the due date you specify, using the frequency and number of copies you specify.

Each recurrence can be independently managed, assigned, completed, or have time logged against it. You can also change individual task due dates.

Private Folders
ClientSpot has had file folders in projects for quite some time now, but this enhancement lets you create a new type of folder – one who’s contents are only visible to people in your company with access to the project.

To create a private folder, just use the current “Add Folder” link, and check the new box that says “Make this folder private”.

You can directly upload files to a private folder, or move existing files into a private folder to prevent clients from seeing those files. This can really help when you need your team to share source materials and documents, but want to limit clients to seeing only finalized or approved deliverables.