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Task Categories and better QuickBooks integration

May 14, 2011

Two recent updates for ClientSpot that make managing tasks easier, plus make QuickBooks integration more seamless.

Task Categories
You can now create and set a Category on each task under a project. Task Categories are per account, and can be reused across all your projects.

You can create Task Categories to help you organize what kind of work you’re doing, and then filter on these categories from the project view, or the main task list.

QuickBooks export with Task Categories
For QuickBooks users, you can now take advantage of Task Categories automatically, since they can now be used as QuickBooks Items. When exporting time entries to QuickBooks, the Item name will be the category of the Task you entered time under, and will be imported as a matching Item in QuickBooks.

This can then be used to setup specific billing rates for different types of tasks as QuickBooks Items, simplifying invoicing from QuickBooks.

This feature is automatically enabled when you choose to map ClientSpot Tasks to QuickBooks Notes in the Settting panel of your account (previously just used a default Item name for exports). Tasks without categories will continue to use the default Item name you setup in the Settings.