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Task comments and file linking now available

June 03, 2011

We’ve gotten several requests recently for a way to keep comments and files related to an individual task grouped together. The problem these users reported was that especially when working with subcontractors it was difficult to manage a single task through project-wide comments and files.

So we’ve introduced a couple of new features that solve at least a part of this issue.

Task Comments
You can now add comments directly to a Task.

Just click on the Task name to go to a new Task Details page that shows any comments or related files. You can add a comment there or view other comments about the task.

Task Folder and Related Files
You can now link a project file folder to an individual task.

This will display the associated files when you are viewing the Task Detail page as above in a new Related Files area.

You can link a task to a folder from the Task Detail page as well, or remove the link. You can also create a new file folder from that page for convenience.